Bear Grylls  Tinderbox

Bear Grylls Tinderbox

Bear Grylls

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This revolutionary tool possesses a grater-like steel cutting surface that creates fine tinder when applied to wood. Able to work with wet and dry wood because the surface simply shaves off the wet outer layers to expose the dry interior. After shaving wood into the Tinderbox, the cutter opens to allow easy removal of the tinder that's been created. At the point of prepping to build a fire, empty the dry tinder contents of the Tinderbox onto the desired surface of collected items to be burned. Magnifying glass is attached to the box as an igniter if matches are unavailable. Signaling mirror on the bottom provides the possibility of an escape route. Includes the "Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide" for more potential life-saving utility. Weight: 3 oz.

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