Geigerrig The Rig


$162.99 $139.00

THE RIG is a lean, mean water machine made of heavy duty 840 Ballistic Nylon. It holsters our 2 Liter Pressurized Hydraiton Enigne that sprays for easy cooling, drinking, cleaning and sharing. The hydration system has a slide top that allows it to be turned inside out for cleaning and placement in the top shelf of the dishwasher. Pack has a diagonal zipper that runs the length of the pack, as well as a top zipper that runs horizontally. This enables the pack face to lay wide open for easy loading and unloading of the engine. Inside there is a small 5 inch by 7 inch mesh pocket for holding a granola bar, your car keys, and a couple small odds and ends. The pack straps and back plate have soft waffle padding covered with easy breathing, durable, stretch mesh for comfort. The should straps are adjustable, as is the chest strap. The chest strap adjusts both vertically and horizontally and hosts an emergency whistle. The drink tube is secured by a magnet when not in use. The RIG has a non-removable waist strap and small pack handle. Grab your RIG and go. (Length 17.5 inches. Width 9 inches.)


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