Raven Quick Ship Phantom Modular Holster

Raven Quick Ship Phantom Modular Holster

Raven Concealment

$130.00 $75.00



  • Color: Black
  • Belt Size: 1.5" (Standard)
  • Cut Option: Standard (10 degree cant)
  • Body Shield: Full (standard)

    This model is the flagship of the RCS holster line. The Phantom was designed from the outset to provide the highest level of concealment possible by being concealable in virtually any style of clothing. During development, we gathered extensive input from armed professionals, particularly members of the executive protection community, to provide input and conduct field testing. As a result, there is no other holster which even approaches the versatility and functionality of the Phantom.

    What makes the Phantom so unique comes from its ultra thin, body-hugging profile. This profile, in conjunction with our modular mounting system, allows the Phantom to be worn either on the belt or inside the waistband. Make no mistake: This is not a “jack of all trades, master of none” design. The Phantom is the best belt-mounted concealment holster on the market; it also is the best IWB on the market.

    The weapon is fully shrouded from ejection port to muzzle, and a full-length body shield enhances comfort and aids in re-holstering.

    Phantoms come ready for use as an OWB belt-mounted holster with 1.5" belt loops, and through use of the Eclipse accessories, can be converted to any type of OWB or IWB.

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