Point 65 XP18 (Demo White/Black)

Point 65

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A legend is born
Faster. More stable. A lean, mean, touring machine, the XP18 is the first of a new series of kayaks. All with exceptional glide, consuming mile after mile with little effort.

The increase of both speed and stability makes the XP18 truly unique.

Award winning Design Engineer Magnus de Brito, took our fastest touring kayak and completely reshaped it, giving the hull a longer waterline and more refined curves.

The XP 18 is a very fast touring kayak with the aggressive appearance of an adventure racing craft – and the performance to match. Using highly advanced hydrodynamic design technology, the XP 18 has a markedly improved stabilty, maneuverabilty and speed.

Great primary and secondary stability offers beginners and expedition paddlers alike a fast ride, even in the most challenging conditions. Your heaviest gear will barely slow it down – this is an ideal expedition kayak. The XP 18´s maneuverabilty is unparalleled among touring kayaks with super responsive steering through it’s liftable rudder (optional). The fitted retractable skeg will incraese tracking when winds and currents are working against you.

The XP18 deck is designed similarly to a surfski. A surfski is designed for paddling in windy conditions using a rudder. So is the XP18. Whether you use the optional rudder or the standard skeg, the XP18 is very responsive to edging and it's high bow working together with the skeg balances it against weathercocking (turning upwind). The high bow is an essential design element to this end. Just as on a surfski, the large bow volume also optimizes surf performance in waves and swells. The deflective curves at the sides of the bow and in front of the cockpit keep you dry in rough conditions.

The redesigned cockpit is longer and wider for powerful strokes through optimal legroom as well as increased comfort during entry and exit. Store heavy gear in the two large oval hatches, lighter bags for your small essentials in the large 20cm day hatch. Also unique to the XP 18 are the recessed safety lines in the bow and stern, accentuating its ultra sleek look. It comes with a retractable skeg, footrests, and a compass recess on the foredeck (the Silva 70P compass is optional).

» Design by Magnus de Brito

Feel the power of the XP 18 – Point 65´s fastest touring machine.


Length 549cm / 18´
Width 54cm / 21,2”
Material Kevlar
Weight Pro-Lite 19,5 / 43lbs
Capacity 150kg / 330lbs
Volume 390 l /  12,36 cu.inch
Cockpit 82x41cm / 32,3”x16,1"
Front Hatch 44x26cm / 17,6”x10,4"
Aft Hatch 44x26cm / 17,6”x10,4"
Day Hatch 20x20cm / 7,9"x7,9"
Rudder Yes
Skeg Yes
Warranty 1 year
Color  white/black,


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